ColorfulQuote is a mindfulness company in the learning and development space. We help professionals rewire the brain to respond to stress with leadership so they can be more successful at work. Based on the science of stress and the power of flow, our proprietary methodology teaches people a simple process to master the moment so they can outsmart paralyzing barriers and make progress on their big goals.

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ColorfulQuote Books

Our coloring books full of quotes help practitioners reduce stress and gain clarity so they can tackle life's challenges with greater ease.

ColorfulQuote Mindfulness

We help companies reduce workplace stress and build a culture of learning by helping their people see every moment as an opportunity to experiment with new behaviors.

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ColorfulQuote Meditations

Give your team, group, or class a fun and relaxing break in the day! Our 45-minute meditations are a great introduction to our methodology.

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Empower your people to respond to stress with leadership.


ColorfulQuote Mindfulness

In every moment we have a choice. We can let stress pass, or we can pass it on. We can mitigate the the ill-effects of workplace stress, or we can contribute to them. Only we can make that choice, yet the domino effect of our decision impacts the company, our coworkers, and our customers.

In our ColorfulQuote Mindfulness workshop, professionals learn how to let stress pass so they can respond to challenging situations with awareness and control. The course empowers leaders to investigate their tendencies and experiment with new behaviors on a daily basis. Recognizing that every thought, task, and interaction is an opportunity for experimentation and reflection, we help employees build a culture of learning and innovation.

We work collaboratively with clients to design a program that fits their needs and aligns with their values/goals. We are equipped to deliver a program with the following learning components:

    Live Workshop (4 Hours)
    Group Checkins
    One-on-one Coaching
    Weekly Self-Assessments
    Daily Mindfulness Practice

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Hi! I'm Kate.

I'm on a mission to make people happier at work. I began my career working as an analyst for technology companies and media brands in New York and Los Angeles. After business school, I worked in Talent and Organization at Hulu and developed leadership development programs for General Motors. From business manager to software engineer, I switched careers to find more flow in my day-to-day. I spent the next four years at Everwise, developing innovative technological solutions to professional development challenges. Recognizing a strength in building unique learning experiences, I partnered with the University of Memphis to design and deliver leadership development workshops on emotional intelligence, team-building, and personal branding.

ColorfulQuote was born out of my pursuit to find a stress-reduction technique that worked for my anxious brain. I struggled with traditional meditation practices but noticed that coloring with my niece quieted my chatty brain and journaling with a prompt awakened my inner wisdom. Combining the two activities, I created a unique meditation practice that helped me reduce stress and gain clarity so I could tackle challenges with greater ease and make progress on my big goals. Recognizing the benefit of this experience, I launched ColorfulQuote to share this daily routine with others.

I graduated summa cum laude from Cornell University and have an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Kate Bankert Kimberlin, Founder